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> On Apr 25, Danny Kim wrote:
> > Personally, I think it could've been a lot better without those stupid kung
> > foo fighting scenes. They should had more gun fights. I understand that they

well if u take out the kung fool, then u r just left with some mediocre
gun fight, and a lot of (admittedly very good) CG.

I think it could be improved a lot too. one way is to take out kung fool
and make it into a pure virtual-psycho-thriller (but that won't be a box
office hit), another way is to go all-out kung fu: as in the TV show Kung
Fu, with Grass-hopper cyber-mysticism-fusion.
On 26 Apr, Alfred Urrutia wasted bandwidth discussing:
> to do when they're play acting. You may not have noticed but Jackie Chan
> and Jet Li and the rest of those Hong Kong action stars are popular here,
> too, and not just because of the slapstick and gun fight scenes.

Right, slapstick and gun fight are a dime a dozen. J Chan, J Li, Michelle
Kwan etc are all successful BECAUSE they have solid kung fu background.
There are many HK actors and actresses who command more money and audience
in HK, relying on slapsticks, comedy, good looks, T and A and/or acting
skills, but without kung fu, their popularity cannot transfer to the West.

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