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>Nice. That's what I hope Chinese actors hear in this country, too. "Hey,
>why are you reading for this part, there's no kung fu sequences in it."
>What better way to show a person downloading new knowledge and being able
>to instantly use it than something that connects to every young movie
>goer's fantasies? Martial arts and gun fights, the crap most kids pretend
>to do when they're play acting. You may not have noticed but Jackie Chan

>and Jet Li and the rest of those Hong Kong action stars are popular here,
>too, and not just because of the slapstick and gun fight scenes.

The same person who choreographed Jet Li's movies in HK and China is the
same person who choreographed Matrix's fight scenes. So if you seriously
don't like Matrix because of it's technical finesse, unique finally
stablized sci fi storyline, entertaining fight scenes, mediocre
destiny/fate exaggeration, then don't complain about it. I don't know
about you guys, but I knew the movie was going to be like that. The main
reason of WHY people went to see the darn movie is because everybody wanted
to know what the Matrix really was. The trailer only appeared in theatres
3 to 4 months before the release, and most people were wondering what the
heck the Matrix was. Remember, we all know what will probably happen in
the end; there are less than 5 possibilities to think of after you watch
the first 5 to 15 minutes of it. The huge question is HOW the characters
do it. It's entertainment, get used to it.

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