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> Subject: Re: [gundam] [OT] The Matrix & Dark City <spoiler>

> You know, there was another futuristic comic book type of movie which
> attempted to lay the groundwork for background info in the first movie
> so the sequels will come naturally... remember Judge Dredd?!

That was one of the worst movies ever made. Just because it started out
as a comic book doesn't mean the shit directing and shit story (a friend
of mine who read those comic books was insulted to the point of rage) and
shit acting can't torpedo it. Thank god for Diane Lane in tight pants,

> Anyway, while I agree that The Matrix rocked and its exposition on the
> background was not a waste of time, there are some who'd disagree. For
> example, check out this review at:
> I am not even sure if I saw the same movie this guy saw! His opinion on
> how The Matrix unfolds was not unlike your description of Dark City.

The first review (in yellow) must have been based on the trailer or some
other bit or two of info that his overactive imagination added to. What
crap. The second review said it was one of the best sci-fi movies in years,
like the worthless "Star Trek: First Contact" and "Starship Troopers"? Is
he nuts? Those movies bored the shit out of everyone I know (not counting
the carnage in Troopers and the built-in love from the Trekkies). At least
we agree that the talking Neo back to life part was stupid.

This reviewer tends to concentrate on points that don't jibe with what he
thinks a sci-fi movie should be, like complaining that the movie relied on
"the bland idea of conventional gunfights". What, every sci-fi movie must
have ray guns? The whole point was that it was faked 1990s. I'm not aware
of ray guns or anti-gravity yet, are you? And then he complains about it
being unoriginal because it pulls from other movies. I guess he never saw
"Star Wars".

> >I don't know about you but I hate a poor explanation hiding behind "alien
> >artifacts" that can't be described so I have to just buy into that "thing"
> >being able to do X and Y just because.
> Well... I don't think how the aliens were able to do what they could, along
> with their machine, was the point of Dark City. Besides, it's alien
> technology, not something created directly or indirectly by men as in
> The Matrix. If you go around thinking and asking how things worked, you'll
> go insane watching one of David Cronenberg's movie, such as his new film
> eXistenZ.

Ya, but I want *some* explanation, not just "they can do it using that" and
that's it. Then it becomes more of a fantasy movie.


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