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> Subject: Re: [gundam] [OT] The Matrix & Dark City <spoiler>

> Personally, I think it could've been a lot better without those stupid kung
> foo fighting scenes. They should had more gun fights. I understand that they
> had instructor from Hong Kong, but actors weren't Chines, I think it didn't
> help at all.
> Danny

Nice. That's what I hope Chinese actors hear in this country, too. "Hey,
why are you reading for this part, there's no kung fu sequences in it."
What better way to show a person downloading new knowledge and being able
to instantly use it than something that connects to every young movie
goer's fantasies? Martial arts and gun fights, the crap most kids pretend
to do when they're play acting. You may not have noticed but Jackie Chan
and Jet Li and the rest of those Hong Kong action stars are popular here,
too, and not just because of the slapstick and gun fight scenes.


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