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>Well, that too. Eye candy it was not since it was the only way to bring
>a comic book to life, which was the original intent. No, I mean executed
>better in the sense that they actually had a complete explanation for what
>the "world" was, real and Matrix. In Dark City they had some quick,
>bullshit explanation of those hypo needles that were used to implant new
>memories/identities and we were supposed to accept it and all the plot
>holes that went with them. I liked the movie, don't get me wrong, but I
>liked more what it "could" have been, i.e. a better background info and
>execution. The Matrix was over 2 hours long and much of it was because it
>went to the trouble to lay out all the background history and walk the
>audience through all the VR explanations.

You know, there was another futuristic comic book type of movie which
attempted to lay the groundwork for background info in the first movie
so the sequels will come naturally... remember Judge Dredd?!

Anyway, while I agree that The Matrix rocked and its exposition on the
background was not a waste of time, there are some who'd disagree. For
example, check out this review at:


I am not even sure if I saw the same movie this guy saw! His opinion on
how The Matrix unfolds was not unlike your description of Dark City.

>I don't know about you but I hate a poor explanation hiding behind "alien
>artifacts" that can't be described so I have to just buy into that "thing"
>being able to do X and Y just because.

Well... I don't think how the aliens were able to do what they could, along
with their machine, was the point of Dark City. Besides, it's alien
technology, not something created directly or indirectly by men as in
The Matrix. If you go around thinking and asking how things worked, you'll
go insane watching one of David Cronenberg's movie, such as his new film


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