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> Subject: Re: [gundam] [OT] The Matrix & Dark City <spoiler>
> >Matrix was executed better, too.
> If you mean wowing the audience with eye candies and adrenaline-pumping
> action, yes. Dark City was less visceral and more internalized.

Well, that too. Eye candy it was not since it was the only way to bring
a comic book to life, which was the original intent. No, I mean executed
better in the sense that they actually had a complete explanation for what
the "world" was, real and Matrix. In Dark City they had some quick,
bullshit explanation of those hypo needles that were used to implant new
memories/identities and we were supposed to accept it and all the plot
holes that went with them. I liked the movie, don't get me wrong, but I
liked more what it "could" have been, i.e. a better background info and
execution. The Matrix was over 2 hours long and much of it was because it
went to the trouble to lay out all the background history and walk the
audience through all the VR explanations.

> >And in Dark City it was you, not your
> >net reflection, getting killed.
> In The Matrix, your real self gets killed as soon as your net self dies,
> and vice versa.

Yes yes, but the real body isn't moving around, just the mind inside the
matrix itself. Dark City was the reprogrammed physical person. There was
no "fake" world. It was right there, real, the whole time, but with the
ability to be remodelled as the "aliens" saw fit with their goofy "machine"
underneath the city.

I don't know about you but I hate a poor explanation hiding behind "alien
artifacts" that can't be described so I have to just buy into that "thing"
being able to do X and Y just because.


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