Danny Kim (hsk73@earthlink.net)
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 23:00:52 -0700

> >Matrix was executed better, too.

Was it really? Dark City could have looked a lot better if they had invested
more money on it. With money they spent on Matrix, we could've seen Dark
City I, II & III. And, Matrix had 100+ more effects shots then Dark City,
too.I don't mean that I didn't liked Matrix. It was best movie I've seen in
a while. But, I think it was great visual effects shots that made this movie
worth going. Not the way it was executed. We all knew that Neo was the great
one from the beginning and what he was going to do. If it wasn't the special
effects, I think it could've another ' hero saving the world ' kind of
movie. It could've ended up next to ' Blade ' & ' Spawn ' in few short
Personally, I think it could've been a lot better without those stupid kung
foo fighting scenes. They should had more gun fights. I understand that they
had instructor from Hong Kong, but actors weren't Chines, I think it didn't
help at all.


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