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>> Rumor has it that next thing that will be excavated from the ruins in
>> Turn-A Gundam is ... Gundam hammer! and it'll make the appearance in
>> episode 6.
>What is the Gundam hammer? Is there of picture of it, anywhere?

I thought we'd covered this in the discussion of the Soul of Chogokin RX-78.

The Gundam Hammer or Hyper-Hammer is basically a big studded ball on the
end of a long chain, with an anchor-like grapnel on the other end. The
name derives from the "hammer" thrown in Olympic games. The Gundam used
this as a mace or morning-star by holding onto the chain and spinning the
ball like a cowboy spinning a lariat or as a projectile weapon by hurling
it like the aformentioned Olympic hammer in the general direction of the foe.


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