Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 14:16:21 -0700 (MST)

> Rumor has it that next thing that will be excavated from the ruins in
> Turn-A Gundam is ... Gundam hammer! and it'll make the appearance in

  Gundam Hammer? What's that? You don't mean the "Hyper Hammer" weapon do
you? Or the Hamma-Hamma? Or something freaky from G-Gundam?

> On the models side, the third kit to be released from 'renewal' HG
> series will be Zaku-III Mashumar Custom.

  The Zak-III!? What the hell? WHY? I mean, sheesh, we already have a
reasonably decent kit out of THAT guy. Hrm. Well, I guess it's better than
alot of other designs, but I was hoping more for some cool GMs or other
1YW designs.

> BTW, according to Hobby Japan, PG Zaku-II custom set is set to be released
> in Late May, with clear parts, two bazookas, 2 ammos, 2 crackers, and

  Too many Twos! I wish they'd supply stuff like 0080-style machine-guns,
grenade-launchers for the rifles, maybe that desert-Zaku
missile-launcher, and some of the other strange weapons Zakus use, like
the strap-on leg-missiles!

> large marking decals. Also, PG Char's Zaku-II is scheduled to be released
> on July. This kit will not be a PG Zaku-II with different color. Some
> modifications will be made to its propulation system, especially on leg
> thrusters.

  Ah! To show that 30% increase in thruster performance, eh? I see.


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