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At 3:46 PM -0700 99.4.15, Edward Ju wrote:
>The CD is a collection of image songs and interpretations of songs from the
>Gundam movies by Daisuke Inoue. Each CD is serially numbered, so I guess
>they are designed to be collector's items. However, on the back of the box
>it said the CD will be reissued in 2001... hmm... wonder if the reissue will
>come with the reproduced movie program?

Teichiku will not actually reissue this limited CD. The 2001 date just
means how long it can legally fix the retail price. ^^;

Here's the short explanation: there is a law in Japan that prevents any
regular reseller (e.g. stores) from discounting new domestic music CDs
below the list price for two years. Once those two years are up, the
reseller are finally allowed to sell below list. The first date you see on
every affected CD is the scheduled first day of release, while the second
date is the last day resellers are required to sell at list price. It's not
the date of reissue, nor the date the CD goes out of print.

(CD-ROMs are not affected by this law, which is why there isn't that
price-limiting date on the back cover of Gundam games and other software,
and why you should and can find those CD-ROMs discounted below retail

Egan Loo
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