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><< what was the explanation for Exedore's head? >>
>::Tries to remember what Egan Loo said during the Macross panel at AX '98::
>Lesse, some time post Space-War One (that is the right terminology, right?)
>Exedore received some sort of "brain boost" which enhanced his intellect,
>etc. It also gave him that broccoli-like head.

That's pretty much it -- the liner quote more or less goes that his current
form is the result of his desire at not "losing his cerebral capacity."

>Then, when they were making
>the DYRL movie (circa 2030 if I'm not mistaken) he was choosen to play
>himself. Thus he had the broccoli head in DYRL and Macross 7, but not during
>the original Space-War.

Although the liner note mentioned the explanation for his current form, it
did not state that Exsedol played himself in the 2031 Do You Remember Love?
movie. Still, that's translator Neil Nadelman's pet theory of what
happened. The creators only gave the dots; it was up to us to connect them
if we so desired. ^^

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>But why was he only a head in Macross 7, what happened to his body? I mena
>Macross 7 couldn't have been that long after the Original Series?

His body is there -- it just doesn't fit in the bridge. ^^ The rest of his
body (genetically altered like his head) is below the bridge is his living
quarters. When his input is needed on the bridge or the conference room, he
just sticks his head out the appropriate portal. We do see the rest of his
body about 3/4ths into the series.

[Animage once printed a tongue-in-cheek cartoon of his room, plastered with
posters of a certain idol singer ... =P]

Any more discussion about Macross should probably moved from the Gundam
mailing list and onto the USENET newsgroups or
rec.arts.anime.misc. (Once my news server cooperates, I should be able to
contribute to the newsgroups again.)

Egan Loo
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