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[I initially wrote these responses two weeks ago before posting them today,
but it's been hard to concentrate on these topics since then with the
recent events around the world.]

At 2:34 AM -0700 99.4.8, Mark Simmons wrote:
>Egan writes,
>>One thing I noticed is that there hasn't been a definitive name for the
>>Crossbone Vanguard's escapades near Jupiter
> Damn straight! And, in the last volume of Crossbone Vanguard, the
>Jupiter Empire flat-out invades the Earth (and nearly nukes it into
>oblivion). I think that would make a bigger impression than the largely
>out-of-sight Cosmo Babylonia battle.

What would I do to peek at Tomino's original notes for F91 the series
before it was reduced to a movie, and compare it with Crossbone's final
form .... ^^

>>or whether fictional
>>historians in UC would consider those and Cosmo Babylonia to be phases of
>>the same conflict (a la Gryps, or one interpretation of it).
> I doubt it - this is a ten-year gap, after all...

Oh, that's right ... Hmmm, on the other hand, if we count the gap using the
"destruction" of the Babylonia Vanguard, that's reduced to five years, the
same number that separate the two Neo Zeon ones. (There's an interesting
parallel, comparing how Char's Counterattack was extracted from ZZ's
intended ending the same way Crossbone was extracted from F91's original

Well, on the hypothetical third hand, I guess that even if the two
conflicts were lumped under the same name, the abandoned Comso Babylonia
ideal would not be in the name. ^^;

>>the Delaz Conflict was wiped off the UC records though, I think it might
>>not be remembered as one of the seven Space Wars by After War reckoning if
>>the two timelines were combined.
> Though one wonders how much of the Delaz Conflict it would even be
>possible to erase. I mean, everyone on the moon saw the colony pass
>overhead, and the fact that it landed on Earth should be fairly obvious...

^^ Hey, it's yet another way 0083 precipitated the creation of the Titans:
the Federation needed the UC equivalent of the MIB. =P

>If you don't buy that, then maybe Turn A's Earth is a patchwork planet
>like in Orguss, made up of chunks of alternate Earths from all the
>previous Gundam series. <grin>

^^ Have people seen the illustration for a Gundam Convention event poster,
with every major character from every Gundam arrayed for a giant photo-op?
I hope I'm not the only person who wanted it hanging on a wall. ^^;

Egan Loo
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