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> The sort of androgenous character style seems to be getting more popular
> after GW, etc, and it's kinda creepy if you ask me!

I know, This kind of character designs are freaky!

> As for TAG, I have to say that the synopsis of the first three episodes
> sounds pretty darn corny. There's definately that aspect of it which makes
> it sound like a rehash of Gundam Wing (I.e., charming young ladies' man
> who flies to Earth from Space with a top-secret mission and a cool mobile
> suit which he must disguise as he masquerades in the same place as the
> cool but willfull female lead character, etc.) Etc etc.

I agree, at least Wing Gundam had cool mecha and a good, if some what corny,

> One thing that REALLY concerns me is the scene where the Turn-A leaps
> out of the statue on its own power and attacks the Walking Dome all by
> itself... this sounds too much like a return to the 1970's school of
> "Giant Robo" superhero-robots to me!

I thought that, too. I thought Tomino was breaking a "mold", Yeah, right.
That kind of thing has been done to death, during the 70's. I respect Tomino
for greating Gundam, but he is going further into the "mold", if the rest of
Turn A is like the first few episodes are. Wasn't Gundam created to be more
realstic when it came out? It seems since most new Mecha shows seem to be
more realstic, Turn A is the reverse of what Gundam was when it was very
first aired.

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