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> took the Zeta, and Wing stuff to heart, and what we have is a funky
> > transforming Talgeese, the Mustache is the homage to the Gundam
> > antenna that would have been to busy up top if it were put on the
> I'm not quite sure I see how you think the Turn-A looks like the
> way-cool Tallgeese! A matter of fact, I don't see a single common design
> element besides the greekish forehead-crest of the Turn-A.

Me either. Comparing the Tallgeese to the Turn A insults the ultra-cool
Tallgeese. I need to buy me a Tallgeese III soon, as I don't have one, yet.

> > rifle, of course maybe they are waiting to accessorize the Turn A
> > later in the series.
> Yeah, let's just hope the accessories include a new head, new legs, new
> arms, and a new body.

He,He, I agree. Turn has no cool gimmicks, expect the chest missles, which is
so 70's, and is too simplstic for my tastes. I am going to buy a Turn kit, to
modify it, extensively and see what I can do to make the Turn A better

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