Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 15:49:14 -0700 (MST)

> names but the resemblance to an AEUG MS is there. The Dome

  If there's a resemblance, the resemblance is about as much between
Turn-A as it is between any two different anime-mecha shows. Personally, I
think the Turn-A looks like it walked out of Dragonar, and the Walking Dom
walked out of Macross...

> resembles the transformable Dome from Zeta. As for the Turn A

  There is no "Dome" in Zeta!
  The only mecha that looks ANYTHING like the Walking Dome would have to
be the Bound Dog, and at least that beast transforms. The Bound Dog also
has a big funky head, cool feet-claws etc... not to mention is styled
completely differently. The only real similarities are the big round

> itself, the design is too busy mechanically not to be a transformable
> the feet should be the dead giveaway, but the arms are busy too.
> The Nagano Zeta/L-Gaim/Five-Star shoulder plates should send

  You're saying that you think the Wakdom is transformable!? Well, it's
definately been said that the Flat is a transformer, you'd think they'd
_tell_ us so was the Waldom if it was too!

> took the Zeta, and Wing stuff to heart, and what we have is a funky
> transforming Talgeese, the Mustache is the homage to the Gundam
> antenna that would have been to busy up top if it were put on the

  I'm not quite sure I see how you think the Turn-A looks like the
way-cool Tallgeese! A matter of fact, I don't see a single common design
element besides the greekish forehead-crest of the Turn-A.

> rifle, of course maybe they are waiting to accessorize the Turn A
> later in the series.

  Yeah, let's just hope the accessories include a new head, new legs, new
arms, and a new body.


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