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Thu, 22 Apr 1999 13:57:08 -0400

Oops while visiting Syd's web site I noticed something
peculiar, his Zakus are ok, but his Gundam MK-II is far
more interesting. I'll reiterate what I said in my last post
my reworked Turn A will have HEADCANNONS, Beam
Rifle, Shield, and BEAM SABERS. Take a trip over to

and look in the Film & Anime section, scroll down to MS
Gundam, then click on the Gundam MK-II with the shield
facing the viewer, look closely at its head, if there are 60
mm Vulcans there I can't see them, but the most obvious
thing missing should be the Wings where the sabers go.

Oh and now I remember the Waldom looks like the
Baund Doc.

The Flat looks reminiscent of the

While doing some Zeta browsing over at the Zeta Gundam
warehouse though I noticed that they say that the Rick Dias
was the first MS designed & built by Anaheim Electronics.
What does that mean, did the Feds really hide the Gundam
project from 0083 that well, did they?

Oh and another possible Turn A prototype, anyone look at
the Barzam from Zeta Gundam lately, that's another suit in
my list of Turn A look a likes. In my work up this weekend I
will post a white Barzam with Red feet and a Blue chest for
your perusal...


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