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Thu, 22 Apr 1999 12:55:45 -0400

Well looking at the Turn A web site posted earlier, I can see where
Syd had picked up what he might have thought were Gundam
Elements for the Turn A. The Turn A really looks more like the
Talgeese to me. The Flat is sort of goofy, but wouldn't be so bad
if the machine's backbone were thicker than its hand. I can see
where this transformables mechanics came from, but all of you
no-believers out there go watch Zeta again, I can't remember the
names but the resemblance to an AEUG MS is there. The Dome
resembles the transformable Dome from Zeta. As for the Turn A
itself, the design is too busy mechanically not to be a transformable
the feet should be the dead giveaway, but the arms are busy too.
The Nagano Zeta/L-Gaim/Five-Star shoulder plates should send
off some alarms in peoples heads too. I'm guessing Sunrise set
a lot of MS designs in front of Syd, and said this is Gundam, he
took the Zeta, and Wing stuff to heart, and what we have is a funky
transforming Talgeese, the Mustache is the homage to the Gundam
antenna that would have been to busy up top if it were put on the
forehead like normal Gundams. I'll play with the Turn A this weekend
and see if I can come up with its replacement for the second series
half. But be forewarned it'll have headcannons, a shield, and a beam
rifle, of course maybe they are waiting to accessorize the Turn A
later in the series.


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