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<< Fans need to start complaing loudly by writing Bandai, ya know? :)
 I mean, if Bandai gets enough complaints, maybe they will imporve the next
 PG's quality? PG's cost too much, IMHO. I like the PG Gundam, but I thougt
 was going to be limited like the PG Eva, not mass produced. I understand
 for a limited edition kit, but not for a mass produced, the PG's are
 injection plastic, not resin, to boot! Sheesh! I understand a PG costing
 - $60, but $100? What is the PG grade, a more expensive MG kit, I'd rather
 buy two MG Zaku's, if the PG Zaku is only a little better then the MG ones.
 - >>
But then there is the new Catch 22 which says that if we complain then new
pres will just stop selling the offending product.
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