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Received today the first four (of nine) G20 (written with a superscript 20,
pronounced "Jee-Two-Oh") Mobile Suit Gundam 20th Anniversary Tribute
Magazines from ASCII Corporation, best known for its computer hobby
magazine line. Each magazine is 70 pages for 840 yen. The first two
issues have a 16-page B&W self-parody called G20 Bootleg, which becomes the
more serious G20 Codex in Issue 3.

G20 Volume 1 (September-October 1998) Weapons Issue (1998.09~10, ASCII,
ISBN4-7561-1860-7) -- Mobile Suits in general, the Gundam in particular

G20 Volume 2 (November-December 1998) Persecution & Purge Issue
(1998.11~12, ASCII, ISBN4-7561-1892-5) -- focus on "The Chosen" of the
"United Ducky Nation of Zion" [sic]

G20 Volume 3 (January-February 1999) Awakening Issue (1999.1~2, ASCII,
ISBN4-7561-3009-7) -- focus on Newtypes

G20 Volume 4 (March-April 1999) Yasuhiko Yoshikazu Issue (1999.3~4, ASCII,
ISBN4-7561-3073-9) -- focus on the character designer of the original series

As noted in a previous post by Kota Fujimura, Issue 5 (May-June 1999) will
focus of space colonies.

There are just tons of interesting new tidbits here, although how accurate
they are remains to be seen. The RX-78 Gundam's beam rifle is identified
here as the XBR-M-79-07G. The White Base is identified as a Pegasus Class
Storm Landing Battleship. In the section on Mass Production, there's
mention of an RGM-86R GM III, sporting a Mk.II style backpack, in service
through UC 0090. And that's just the first few pages of the first issue!

Issue 2 expands on the evolution of the Mobile Suit. Shown here, for the
first time, are the Zeonic ZI-XA2, ZI-XA3/MS-01 and MS-04 that preceded the
MS-05B Zaku I. Issue 3 introduces us to "Psychom-Systems" the evolution of
the Gundam interface: Cockpit Block to Linear Seat to Arm Laycer [sic].
Issue 4 shows us official Zeon Force Academy (ZEFA) sweatsuits (since UC
0062) and Zeon Military Force (ZEMF) underwear (100% Hi-Grown Cotton, made
in Colony #6). Here's a bit of trivia:

Char Aznable
Blood Type: AB
No Allergies
Note: 3A-TY22
Military Code: 11-B

Unfortunately, the explanation for the code numbers in printed too small
for me to read. The date is the founding of the Zeon Force Academy, not
Char's date of entry -- he was born circa UC 0059 and would only have been
3 at the time....


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