Re: [gundam] PG zaku a disappointment
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 21:23:51 EDT

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nandy@U.Arizona.EDU writes:

<< Okay, so there's one main 'footpiece' and the black 'soles' are attached
 separately to that... how does it move? Does the foot toe 'sink' into the
 sole-area (like the Gasaraki Ishtar) to give it motion? >>

To be honest I haven't seen the Ishtar, othern then in pictures, so I don't
know how to compare the two. Honestly it is like they have the flip flop
sandals on. The "foot" connects to the inside front of the "shoe/sandal" and
kind of just flops around. I mean it looks like they REALLY cut a corner
design wise.
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