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>>Okay, I have MG Zaku II and RX-78 which I just finished infront of me.
>>Hmmm......( Studying what I like about Zak )
>>Well, if I have to describe them to someone in few words,
>>Zaku II = bad ass, RX-78 = wimpy
>>Zaku II = male, RX-78 = female
>>Zaku II = smooth, RX-78 = boxy ( Volvo? )
>>Zaku II = battle/war, RX-78 = community service
>>Well that's enough, it doesn't mean I don't like RX nor it means that I sieg
>>Zeon. I just think that Zaku looks stronger and meaner than skinny boxy
>>RX-78. It's equipped with better looking armor, even with spikes on it's
>>shoulder. Also we get all the cool variations. May be that's why I like Zap?
>>To me RX-78 is a boring design. What's so special about it?
>I guess this is a syndrome of having every subsequent series featuring a
>ton of Gundam variants, yet the Zaku never went beyond ZZ Gundam except for
>a variant in X. If we see more Zaku designs than Gundam designs then
>you probably will not feel the same anymore.

So, is the Geara Doga descended from the Marasai, then? I've always thought
so, myself, but a good argument could be made that the Geara Doga is a part
of the Zaku line.

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