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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 15:11:34 -0700 (MST)

> >To me RX-78 is a boring design. What's so special about it?
> I guess this is a syndrome of having every subsequent series featuring a
> ton of Gundam variants, yet the Zaku never went beyond ZZ Gundam except for

  Well, I think you can easily say that the "Guerra Doga" was a Zaku
variant, quite likely the "Final Zaku" if you think about it! (It's at
least as related to a Zaku as the Nu is related to the original Gundam for
  After CCA all bets are off since basically all the 'reprecussions' of
the 1YW are finally over. Of course, in F-90 you get that Oldsmobile
army with its freaky retoconned 1YW mecha, of which there are some
Zakish variants. One can make the case that say, the Den An Zon
is the effective descendant of the Zaku (I.e., grunt groundpounder) but
that's hardly a good comparison.
  We do see the ground version of the Zoloatt, the "Zollidea" sporting the
spike-n-shield halmark armors of the Zaku in VG, but this is most likely a
homage to the original Zaku design than any real evidence of relation or
  Of course, in GG we get those freaky "Grey Death Army" robots which have
big eyeball-heads which do make 'em look kinda Zakish... in XG we get the
Jennis which basically looks like a modernized Zak-like robot of some
kind. So the Zaku-tradition did sort of persist in Gundam for a LONG time
after the original series as a design-trait at least.
  I think the Zaku design finally _died_ with Endless Waltz.. here was a
series with a completely different grunt bad-guy robot (The Leo) and
pretty much NOTHING that looked anything like a Zaku (Or any other 1YW
design) anywhere around there. Of course, we still have retoconns like
8MST with Zakus, but I think GWEW was more likely to set the tone for the
rest of the gundam tradition.


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