[gundam] Turn A-What Gundam needs???

Mark Kuettner (mkuett@hotmail.com)
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 13:13:21 PDT

While in my Ethics class, I pondered this situation... Look at the
amount of reaction and buzz Turn A, specifically it's Gundam design,
has spawned. Pretty big.
Now, let's take a trip to a alternate universe (nooo...pleez...not..
another...one). In this universe, Hajime Katoki did the Turn A mecha
design, super decked-out cool.

Which would cause more of a stur?

I think the Mead version would, and is. Katoki's version would not
get this kind of attention, as wide as it is. And look at the
reaction the Mead version is making... everyone wants to see the show
now. This Turn A thing is generating all this negative hype, but a
LOT more hype than the positive hype that would be generated by
Katoki and the regular crew at the wheel in the design department.
Maybe I've been on this list too long, but all this anti-Turn A fever
seems to make this thing bigger than what we have come to expect.

Of course, none of it will matter if we all tune in to a bad show,
storywise. With the feelings about just the visuals so far, word of
mouth about a bad story will kill it beyond dead.

But I think the reaction has been out of the ordinary, and isn't that
the point?

Mark Kai

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