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<< > the shoulder of the arms keeps dropping down... (i think i will have to
> epoxy it) ... there arent as many hatch that can open as compared with
   So is it the upper-shoulder 'cube' that's dropping off (or sagging)? or
 is it the upper shoulder armor/shield that's drooping?

Actually thereare two parts that hold the connection point for the shoulder.
the bottom one's are the ones that pop out. The Armor stays on fine though.
Once I glued mine, it was fine, and I can still pop the top one off so I can
remove the arm for painting, etc. so even though you are glueing a part, it
still allows you to easily disassemble the model.
> the PG gundam.. especially the leg part... u have to physically remove
> the outer covering of the gundam inorder to view the internal parts..
> unlike PG gundam.. which u can have hatches with hinges ... and i dun
   Uh, so you're saying that the PG Zaku is more like the MG zaku than the
 MG Gundam, insofar as you have to pry-apart the leg armor to see the
 internal structure? That's pretty dissappointing from a $120 kit!
Well specifically the only way you can see the internal leg armor is that the
back hatch opens on the back of the calf, and other then that you have to
pry it off.

You know to be honest, even though the Zaku has a few problems, I still think
it is an awesome model. I do think that 12000 yen is a bit steep, I think
7000-8000 is better. However, I think it is still a nice kit, and does offer
alot of improvements over the MG. I would recomend getting one, though I
would wait to see if they offer the Char kit as an upgrade option or as a
seperate kit since that might affect your choice. It is definately more
relaxing to put together then the Gundam was, kinda like the MG Zaku vs the
MG Zeta.

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