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Stuart Ng (
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 22:21:42 -0700

>A few things to ask ya Stuart....
>For starters, I also happen to have 3DSMAX 2.5 and PS5...but
unfortunately did
>not purchase I dont have a $2500 expenditure to motivate me to
>howta properly use 3DSMAX. How did you learn to use it, from a college
>or such or from playing around? And if u had made a model from a bunch of
>primitives...(like a building made from 10 or so rectangles with a dome
made of
>a does one mesh all these objects into the one solid object you
>see from proffessionals? And if ya got any tipz or anything....I would
>appreciate it.

I didn't buy them either, but I do plan to in the future... :) Instead I
payed like 10 biggies to learn the basics of Max and 3D
modelling/animation. But I didn't really have much time during the program
to learn it properly, I was busy with other aspects of the course like
Photoshop, VRML, etc. Max was one of the things I wanted to learn so I got
a good deal on a bunch of used Max R1 books from my school. R1 and R2, as
well as R2.5 are practically the all around the same. Just that each one
has some finer details which are different and each one proceeding is more
unstable. So the books I have are tutorials, facts, how-to's, etc...but I
also have a PDF file of the Max tutorials which I really didn't use. I can
send it to you, but it's pretty damn huge...from what I remember, it's like
10 to 20 mb' was given to us by my school because they wanted the
students had too many questions and there wasn't enough copies of the
manuals to go around. :\

So what exactly do you want to do with the primitives? Do you want to
change the basic shape of each object? Or do you want to basically glue
them all together? Use boolean to glue them all together; it's in the
create object panel, then pull down the "standard primitives" menu then go
to compound objects. If you want to change the basic shape, you have a
number of ways of doing this. Go to the second panel which is the modify
panel, then if you look near the top of the panel, you'll see lotsa buttons
like "extrude", etc. These are modifiers. You can get access to more
modifiers by clicking on the appropriate button...I forgot what it is
literally, but I know where it is by's just one of those things.
 Hehe :D

Anymore questions, feel free to ask.

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