Re: [gundam] I have bad news about Bandai Japan

Chien Ting Chin (
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 00:43:14 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Prabal Nandy wrote:
> Since Gundam is the _one_ toy line of Bandai's that's consistantly shown
> a serious profit, I say to hell with Pokemon and all the BB-senshi-SD

errr, Probie do you have numbers to back that up? I mean, us model
builders are a dying breed. Look at it: kits cost a ton to develop,
require skills on the part of the customers (as opposed to stuffed dolls,
figurines, stickers, picture phone cards), somewhat limited to male
consumers (esp. true in Japan), takes up huge amount of warehouse space,
shop space and consumers' home space per 1000 Yens of product. And look
around you, kids don't do things with their hands anymore. It's Sega vs.

I don't mean to say I think Bandai models are losing or earning money, I
don't know. If you have some numbers to back up your claim, I will be very
happy. But honest, in the long term, the writting is on the wall.

BTW, I have a friend who's a toy wholesaler, and if he knows anything,
Pokemon and BB Senshi are selling like hot cakes. Of course that's not
the same as profitibilty, but it's a sign.

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