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> Subject: Re: [gundam] I have bad news about Bandai Japan
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> > Good!
> > Since Gundam is the _one_ toy line of Bandai's that's consistantly shown
> > a serious profit, I say to hell with Pokemon and all the BB-senshi-SD
> > stupidity! I think this 'pruning' will make a stronger 'model tree' for
> > the rest of us!
> I like the PokeMon game and cartoon, only. I totally agree about the PokeMon
> toys and the SD Gundam stuff.

Ya, but this scenario sounds a little extreme. It's like finding the ugliest
girl/guy in class and removing her/him. The next ugliest on the scale is
now *thee* ugliest. Same with profits. So they dump a couple dog products.
One of the ones that is left will be the new shitty money hole. Lose it.
Hey, look at that, now *that* one ain't performing like the rest.


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