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> Well, that's just the name...did you know that Gundam is inspired by
> Starship Troopers? Yeah the old novel written back in...ah I forgot, but
> it's a super old book. In the original novel though, the troopers rode in
> humanoid size power armor rather than just body armor. They didn't do that
> in the movie since the budget would be even larger than supposed to be. :)

1959. Yes, I read it in highschool before I had ever heard of Gundam. Awesome
book. The movie had little to do with the book, namely character names and
locations. The vast majority of the movie came from Novels like Armour, The
Forever Wars, and The Fleet anthology. All really good reading, and all books
I had read before I knew of Gundam.

> Yeah, I can understand that Gundam the name can be applied to Turn A...but
> wouldn't you agree that they kind of left the politics in Gundam to dribble
> to it's death? It kinda faded away rather than stopping completely. I
> wouldv' be at least content with a bad ending, but it just disappeared
> somewhere in G Gundam and V Gundam...well G Gundam wasn't really Gundam;
> it's more like a...BARF. Ugh. Well you get the idea.
> Stuart
> -

My understanding of the politics of the Gundam Universe is that one side
stood for change (Zeon), while the other stood for stasis (Federation). Chaos
versus Order, so to speak. The Federation imposes military order, not
necessarily for the betterment of humanity. The Zeon philosophy was used as
an excuse to make sweeping changes, also not necessarily for the betterment
of humanity. In Turn A, we see two societies, one the embodiment of stasis
(Earth), while the other is the embodiment of change (Luna). I see a
difference, but in organization only. The basic political structure is still
there. And it is this structure that is the underlying skeleton that forms
the body of the Gundam Universe, both past and present.

So, who really cares if the lead Mecha is butt ugly, it's still Gundam.

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