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On Mon, 19 Apr 1999 20:44:50 PDT "cliff boese" <>
>just wondering, what should i bring to a con? money wise, clothing,
>any stuff to trade? ect......

Very few people trade at cons, they are more interested in buying stuff.
after the con is a different matter, so you might want to pick up so
email addresses.
As for money, bring as much as you can earn, cheat, borrow, or steal. You
can never
have too much money at a con. On the flipside, you might want to bring as
clothing as possible. You aren't there to look good, you are there to buy
and watch.
One corralary though, bring soap, deoderant, and toothpaste.
Unfortunately, that is
one thing we have to remind so many Otaku about. :-(

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