Re: [gundam] Found a good close up picture of the Turn A kit
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> Well this is where I kinda found it weird...Gundam is a Federation MS
> that's one thing for sure...and when they left the two political parties
> left to die in the desert wind, I kinda felt dead too. I felt they didn't
> explain enough of it. Most of the series was based on the Federation and
> Jion universe, when they leave that behind it doesn't seem like Gundam
> anymore.

Thats what I don't understand about Turn A, I want to know what happened to
the Federation and the Zeon forces, guess we'll have to see if the Turn A
anime tells about its past. Maybe when Turn A's finished, some other person
will make a series telling about the final fall of the Federation and Zeon
Forces, now that would be cool!

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