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>Ah, that's another subject, though. Will it sell? That has nothing to do
>with is the new Gundam "Gundam" or is Tomino insane or whatever. It could
>fail, yes. Star Trek failed, originally. It's a franchise now. The first
>Gundam series failed. Look at it now. Many people hate the look of the
>A-10 Warthog. I think it's one of the most beautiful attack ships our
>military has. You never know.

        Alfred, I agree with you that some things do tend to "unfail". but what
you just jentioned are different cases entirely. Star Trek was a disaster
in scheduling time and censorship. the A-10 wasn't meant to look nice,
just bring the payload and the cannon. It's not something people of the
age/social bracket I am talking about will buy.
        I admit that the TOS gundam was a surprise hit in the rerelease..probably
because they compressed what was a very long storyline into manageable
movie bits (three of them).
        I really do hope that TUrn-A hits it off well. Gundam is simply too close
to my anime heart to be knocked off by a bad series.
        Let's just agree to disagree, ey? and get back to just plain gundam.

        And hey, guys! let's just wait and see until somebody gets their hands on
the kit. okie!

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