RE: [gundam] 1/144 Shenlong and Sandrock ver. ka. Conversion Parts atHLJ??

Richie Ramos (
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 16:43:20 +0800

>It's as official as Hobby Japan and Hajime Katoki gets... These are Hajime
>Katoki's Early (misspelled Eeary) Version of our Favorite Gundam Wing
>Designs, almost like the retoconns he did for Endless Waltz. They were
>prominently featured in previous issues of Hobby Japan (The Feb issue had
>Deathscythe Early Custom), and since B-Club is pumping them out, it's
>Y. "Lurker Ranger" Choe

        Not bad. I'd like to get them just for the hell of it, they
it grows on yah, actually, now that I have been looking at it for some time.

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