Re: [gundam] Found a good close up picture of the Turn A kit

Stuart Ng (
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 00:35:52 -0700

>I may have missed something, but I was under the impression that the
>Federation is gone, and that the Turn A is a Lunar design.

Well this is where I kinda found it weird...Gundam is a Federation MS
that's one thing for sure...and when they left the two political parties
left to die in the desert wind, I kinda felt dead too. I felt they didn't
explain enough of it. Most of the series was based on the Federation and
Jion universe, when they leave that behind it doesn't seem like Gundam

>I didn't know the origine of the Gundam name. Cool. But, by this analogy,
>mobile suit that stands to protect the masses from the forces of change

>be called "Gundam." Maybe not in name, but definitely through intent. You
>could then directly apply this definition of "Gundam" to the Turn A, and
>it Gundam. I like that.

Well, that's just the name...did you know that Gundam is inspired by
Starship Troopers? Yeah the old novel written back in...ah I forgot, but
it's a super old book. In the original novel though, the troopers rode in
humanoid size power armor rather than just body armor. They didn't do that
in the movie since the budget would be even larger than supposed to be. :)

Yeah, I can understand that Gundam the name can be applied to Turn A...but
wouldn't you agree that they kind of left the politics in Gundam to dribble
to it's death? It kinda faded away rather than stopping completely. I
wouldv' be at least content with a bad ending, but it just disappeared
somewhere in G Gundam and V Gundam...well G Gundam wasn't really Gundam;
it's more like a...BARF. Ugh. Well you get the idea.

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