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>Having just seen the Matrix, I really wanted to like it. The FLAT
>dialogue and cliche soundtrack, coupled with annoyances in CG I
>cannot stand now (Is it movie law for every CG creature, the Sentinel
>in this case, to turn straight towards the camera and stick its
>pinchers out at you to show you what a meanee it is? gag) kept me
>from that.

Well to start off, the dialogue and the OST...can you imagine it any other
way? I mean, the main part of the show was the plot and story and not the
characters or the dialogue. The characters spoke so little because it
wasn't the focus. The Mozart maybe; I don't think so.
And to answer your annoyance with CG related creatures showing it's
almighty fear inducing appearance and strength, would it have the same
effect if the Sentinel just flew away? Even though the audience was
expecting the Sentinel to give a turn around and try to tense up the
viewers, it had to be done otherwise the audience would just think "hey,
they were so cheap to not even put that in!" Well, that's thinking on a
general basis. Remember, when a writer creates a script they only do it
for that singular world and storyline, and disregard it as being a runner
alongside thousands of other movies. Yes, there is an extent to be
original, but there things to be expected in movies regardless...the
audience will walk away disappointed either way; the Sentinel just flys
away, or does the "I'm scary" gig. The viewers will think the writers
cliche infested or cheap; both ways they'll lose.

>One thing I was unable to understand was the 1999 settings. Why have

>everything shown from this period when the actual events are
>happening a hundred years in the future? Why couldn't Keanu call up
>that futuristic electro-rifle the had on the ship in the Matrix
>fight scenes?? If they could bend or break the laws of reality in
>fighting, why not grow claws, or armor or stuff?


There are three worlds. One is the virtual "Matrix" program that is
produced by the resistence when Keanu was training primarily. The second
world is the "real" world where the Earth is left a dead planet with the
sun at it's last breath of life. Then there's, the Matrix which is a
program produced by the "machines" to fool humanity into thinking that they
are still living in their own world. Nearing the end of the movie, the
agent stated that the machines attempted to create a world which was
utopian based, however, there was a "natural" disaster and the humans
wouldn't accept the program. So they redesigned the program to fit the
"peak" of humanity's venture right before the rise of "AI"; 1998/1999.
That's why it's "present" time and not some other futuristic world because
all the fighting with the agents is just a program. Keanu is the "one"
because he has enough mental capacity to reprogram the Matrix as he
pleases. That's why it really all depends on the mind for each and every
person...I thought that was kinda witty to explain "psychic" powers...if
people have enough mental maturity they can bend the rules of the Matrix.
To answer your Q, Keanu couldn't call up any type of weaponary from the
"real" world because he's in the Matrix. Also, he can't grow claws or
anything like that because it would not be his "digital imprint" as stated
in the film. The reason why the characters appear like so, is because it's
a mirror or visual impression of their mind. Changing their arms into
claws or anything like that would mean they would have to literally change
brains. =P There are rules I'm pretty sure in the Matrix...some of them
are set like gravity probably has a variable and it's set
to like 1 to 255 or something like that. Keanu just thinks "there is no
gravity" basically and he can fly or jump really far.

>Are hearty attempt at a quality story, and I did walk away seeing
>the effort put into it. But fell a little short to me...

I felt the story was very well done. One of the best movies that I've seen
recently. I mean, it's not just what happens in the story, but how
symbolic it is to the "real" world. If you actually think about it, it
kinda makes a person think "what is the system about?" In reality,
everybody talks and lives about the "system". The system controls us, and
imprisons us. I think the Matrix is just a subliminal message to get us to
think a bit more.

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