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> I've got a question for you guys. If you had never seen the Zaku before,
> nor any of the various retrocons or MSVs or upgrades, would you have
> seriously liked the design based solely on its original MSG look? I am
> wondering because I have always heard people raving about how the
> Zaku is so cool, yet I just don't see the coolness factor in it. The only
> Zaku-type design that I have liked is the Gouf Flight-type from 08th
> Team, and that isn't exactly a Zaku. Other Zakus that I own include
> Char's Zaku and the Zaku-Fz from 0080.

The first time I saw a Zak was the first time I watched MSG. I loved it. It
gave me the feeling of watch a gigantic Stormtrooper, ready to rain hell down
on anything that even thought it could stand in its way. I still love the
original design, and I still compare all newer designs to it. As far as I'm
concerned, the only real changes I've seen have been in the quality of the
art, and the intend of the story. The newer Zaks still remain Zaks. And I
think that that is the coolest thing about it. Line up all of the variations
(like in Gundam Projects' Classics), and you can see that they all are still
Zaks. I don't see any one as being better than all the rest. Each one had its
time, had its scene, and was awesome to behold. In the end, I still love the
original, maybe for nostalgia, or maybe just because it _was_ the first.

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