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> I think you're missing the point now. The Vulcan cannon is a standard
> weapon of the Federation and was on all Gundam prototype units till TA.
> Also, you can't compare the war planes of now with Gundam. Gundam is a
> multi purpose mecha, and must carry the weapons which are most efficient
> and meet the demands of versatility. The 3 classical weapons of Gundam are
> obviously, the beam saber, Vulcan Cannon and Beam Rifle. You take anyone
> of those away and it becomes something else. It's like the F14, it has a
> great payload of missiles, fast for such a heavy payload, standard dog
> fight guns...F14 is a multi purpose plane; like all the jets that are being
> built now.

I may have missed something, but I was under the impression that the
Federation is gone, and that the Turn A is a Lunar design.

> I didn't say my answers are correct. Are you one of those people who like
> to impose opinions forcefully? Ok, remember the colony on the moon in
> Gundam history? I'm pretty sure it's still there and I don't think they
> would abandon it. Ok, you think maybe TA doesn't have a colony on the
> moon? Then it's not Gundam. Gundam was designed with one universe and one
> history. The Gundam history is rather inconsistent because of the
> franchises. And what exactly is Gundam??? Techinically it's a GM
> prototype. What does Gundam mean? Originally called Gunboy by Tomino, but
> he thought it was a bit he called it Gundom...dom means to
> protect, but then he changed it again to Gundam. Dam in analogy to a real
> dam which processes water to produce electricity, so he took Gundam as a
> "dam" which is protecting earth from "water"; the inevitable natural force.

I didn't know the origine of the Gundam name. Cool. But, by this analogy, any
mobile suit that stands to protect the masses from the forces of change could
be called "Gundam." Maybe not in name, but definitely through intent. You
could then directly apply this definition of "Gundam" to the Turn A, and call
it Gundam. I like that.

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