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 I've got a question for you guys. If you had never seen the Zaku before,
 nor any
 of the various retrocons or MSVs or upgrades, would you have seriously
 the design based solely on its original MSG look? I am wondering because
 have always heard people raving about how the Zaku is so cool, yet I just
 see the coolness factor in it. The only Zaku-type design that I have
 liked is
 the Gouf Flight-type from 08th Team, and that isn't exactly a Zaku. Other
 that I own include Char's Zaku and the Zaku-Fz from 0080.
You know to be honest, it just grows on you. I mean it is like the "classic"
older cars, some people think they look dorky and to others they are
classics. When I first got into Gundam, I thought Zeon Mechs were horribly
ugly. But after awhile, they grew on me, and now I think they are way more
exciting to look at then the Gundams. They are kinda odd, but give them a
chance and they might grow on you too.
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