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> Having just seen the Matrix, I really wanted to like it. The FLAT
> dialogue and cliche soundtrack, coupled with annoyances in CG I
> cannot stand now (Is it movie law for every CG creature, the Sentinel
> in this case, to turn straight towards the camera and stick its
> pinchers out at you to show you what a meanee it is? gag) kept me
> from that.

Ya, those sentinels were the low point. Why did they look like they
were underwater? Heat sigs don't do that much distortion.

> One thing I was unable to understand was the 1999 settings. Why have
> everything shown from this period when the actual events are
> happening a hundred years in the future? Why couldn't Keanu call up
> that futuristic electro-rifle the had on the ship in the Matrix
> fight scenes?? If they could bend or break the laws of reality in
> fighting, why not grow claws, or armor or stuff?

Agent Smith explained that setting. It was the zenith of Man's
accomplishments or words to that effect. It was what the humans
jacked into the Matrix wanted to accept most (the first, idyllic
attempt was a disaster, he said). So, give them what *they* felt was
the best. And what was there to add to it? the actual human/AI war?
Just keep things as they were, everyone's happy. Except those few
who feel that it's a lie.

They also said they really couldn't understand the Matrix's code.
So, they were not able to wholy reinvent the wheel and give themselves
extra limbs or energy weapons or whatnot. The rules were not of their
creation, but of the AI's. If I tell you how DNA works and what the
acids are there for does that give you the power to breathe underwater?
Who says that with a little more concentration Neo couldn't grow claws?
It's for a sequel to discuss.

> Are hearty attempt at a quality story, and I did walk away seeing
> the effort put into it. But fell a little short to me...

Given the premise, they nailed it. There're a series of facts that are
not known about that universe. How much info, exactly, was being
pumped into the human brains in the Matrix through that head jack?
Could more be fed? Could an output line be added to affect changes?
Were humans that were "grown" the only change? Might there have been
genetic changes as well, maybe to make humans more accepting of the
Matrix setup? What was the Matrix, physically? Where were the various
AIs during all this, typically? It was implied that they might not
find the Matrix so inviting. So, is there a separate virtual world
that they inhabit or are they sentient physical beings like the
sentinels? Are the sentinels sentient or just the equivalent of
dobermans? Without that info and more any "dissatisfaction" based
on presumed story shortcomings is pointless.


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