[gundam] Hot stuff in Japan?

Mark Nguyen (mnguyen@hotmail.com)
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 18:48:46 PDT

Okay, so in four days I'll be wrapped up in a big chunk of metal and
flung thousand of miles to the far-off reaches of Japan. Before I
temporarily remove myself from the GML, I wanna get some insight and
stuff off of you, my Gundam peers.

I ask you all: What's the latest hot stuff in Japan? Currently
running series that are anticipated here? Future releases, or recent
ones, that are bound to still be on the merchandising rampage when I
open a can of whup-ass in the local Animate store?

More specifically, is/are there any up 'n' coming Gundam stuff I
should be looking for? Stuff that'll be released over the next three
weeks I should be taking a look at? Except for models, unfortunately.
I *may* be picking up a Turnstyle-A Gundam while I'm there, but
that'll be in for me until I can see some of the anime. :) But what
about books or Manga? Exciting print I can stuff into my greed bag? I
promise to make a few scans if you want. ;)

And on a relevant subject, what sort of stuff have you seen in animes
or movies or in travel books that you've really wanted to see in real
life? Besides Mt. Fuji or the Tokyo Tower, of course. Have you heard
of any Japanese attractions that you'd want to visit, had you the
chance? I'm going to be there for two weeks, and my course has me
landing in Tokyo, zigging up to Hokkaido and then down to Osaka, with
a side trip to Nagasaki thrown in for good measure. If anyone has
suggestions for places to go, I'd greatly appriciate it.

Thanks for any help!


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