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> Subject: [gundam] [OT] The Matrix & Dark City <spoiler>

> The Matrix gets compared to Dark City because in both movies,
> the people were unaware that they were just pawns/slaves in the grand
> scheme of things and were unaware of the behind-the-scenes manipulation,
> and the film's hero, through his quest for truth, become a Messiah-like
> being not unlike Paul Atreidis (sp?) from Frank Herbert's "Dune". Both
> films also share the X-Files paranoia of nothing is what it seems to be,
> however the two films are apples and oranges - while critics have likened
> Dark City's imagery to comic book visuals, it was The Matrix that kept
> the comic book spirit both in looks and spirit. While Dark City offers a
> wealth of subtlety and philosophical ponderings, The Matrix keeps itself
> simple and articulates what it wanted to say in plain English. Also
> The Matrix goes out of its way to entertain you with HK style action and
> cool effects, Dark City's effects were mostly used because the story demands
> it.
> Both films are excellent, but it's hard to compare apples and oranges.
> The Matrix just happens to have a wider appeal and less "artsy".
> Eddie

Matrix was executed better, too. And in Dark City it was you, not your
net reflection, getting killed. As much as I liked Dark City (Jennifer
Connelly) it wasn't cyberpunk/apocalyptic Earth like Matrix, which I
prefer. And Dark City's "villains" sucked ass next to the Agents. Matrix
is about 10 years ahead of Dark City for cinematography, too. Dark City's
effects were ho-hum boring, Matrix is good enough to win an Oscar on
technical achievement alone, not to mention the visuals.


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