Re: [gundam] Zaku Variants

James Boren (
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 18:14:18 -0700

Mark writes-
> What makes the Zaku, et al, cool is its context. If you've watched the
>original series and/or movies, let alone had two decades to develop
>feelings of warm nostalgia about them, then even things like the Zaku I and
>Gann begin to seem curiously cool. And, since they're very distinctive
>designs, it's easy for latter-day hotshots to give them stylish makeovers.

> All of which applies to the Turn A Gundam and its ilk. Taken in the
>abstract, it looks kinda silly. But until we see the animation, it's tough
>to tell how it works in context.

EXACTLY! it is the context. That's what I tried to say earlier. Just give
it some time.

as for the Zaku variants- I'd love to see the 0080 and 0083 variants, but
it'd involve more tooling than Bandai would swing for I'm afraid.


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