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>I've got a question for you guys. If you had never seen the Zaku before,
>nor any
>of the various retrocons or MSVs or upgrades, would you have seriously
>the design based solely on its original MSG look? I am wondering because
>have always heard people raving about how the Zaku is so cool, yet I just
>see the coolness factor in it. The only Zaku-type design that I have
>liked is
>the Gouf Flight-type from 08th Team, and that isn't exactly a Zaku. Other
>that I own include Char's Zaku and the Zaku-Fz from 0080.

This first time I actually saw a Zaku was in an old Mobile Suit Gundam
cel-comic. While I don't find "Chest out, back straight!" illustrations
very interesting, I loved seeing Zakus in the original movies.. I ahve to
admit, however, that it was the Hobby Japan kit-bashes that really sold me.
Part of the Zaku mystique, though, probably has to do with having the same
symbolism in mecha anime as Stormtrooper have in American sci-fi.

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