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Richie Ramos (
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 09:07:11 +0800

> That's why when I saw the first MG Zaku I was so dissappointed! I was so
>hoping they'd do it in the 0083 style, it was too 1970s for me! But after
>awhile the design sort of 'grows' on you and you come to accept it.

        I liked it a lot, the Mg. It was a nice take on the zaku, but I was kinda
disappointed that they just started making variations and variations of it.

>> that I own include Char's Zaku and the Zaku-Fz from 0080.
> Now, the Zaku-FZ IS a nice zaku!
> -Probe

        DAMN straight! The FZ kicks ass!

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