[gundam] [OT] The Matrix & Dark City <spoiler>

Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 14:57:03 -0700

>>About the Matrix- the fight scenes are great, but the story was done much
>>better in Dark City. Now that's a great movie!
>Why do you say that? I haven't seen Dark City, but then again I haven't
>heard much about it. I liked Matrix because it was unique. It was a
>unique blend of all the stereotypical sci fi stories out there. It has the
>Terminator aspect; computers rule the world, humanity is it's slave. It
>has the Anime-esque scenario; a hero with lotsa weapons and blowing away
>tons of baddies. It has the GITS cyberpunk society; "jacking-in", and the
>world is but a village. Oh yeah, there was even a part in the movie where
>it was a "tribute" to GITS the movie...it's where the part Neo is running
>away from the agents in a marketplace nearing the end of the movie, and one
>of the agents pushes away some crowd and pulls his gun hitting several
>watermelon that's clearly defined in scene. The cameras cut from the agent
>to the watermelons which dominated the entire frame... :) I'm pretty sure
>the creators of Matrix are GITS fans... ^_^ or Anime fans basically. It
>takes many of these good factors and places it into a big fat blender. I
>won't say anymore or I'll spoil it. Hehe. What was Dark city about?

The Matrix gets compared to Dark City because in both movies,
the people were unaware that they were just pawns/slaves in the grand
scheme of things and were unaware of the behind-the-scenes manipulation,
and the film's hero, through his quest for truth, become a Messiah-like
being not unlike Paul Atreidis (sp?) from Frank Herbert's "Dune". Both
films also share the X-Files paranoia of nothing is what it seems to be,
however the two films are apples and oranges - while critics have likened
Dark City's imagery to comic book visuals, it was The Matrix that kept
the comic book spirit both in looks and spirit. While Dark City offers a
wealth of subtlety and philosophical ponderings, The Matrix keeps itself
simple and articulates what it wanted to say in plain English. Also
The Matrix goes out of its way to entertain you with HK style action and
cool effects, Dark City's effects were mostly used because the story demands

Both films are excellent, but it's hard to compare apples and oranges.
The Matrix just happens to have a wider appeal and less "artsy".


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