Re: [gundam] 1/144 Shenlong and Sandrock ver. ka. Conversion Parts at HLJ??

Richie Ramos (
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 08:51:33 +0800

> That is what it looks like, for sure. Well, actually, the Shenlong I
>think looks like the GW version, while the Sandrock looks like mostly the
>EW version. Personally, I think the Shenlong's mondo-huge crusher-claw on
>one arm looks kinda dumb, it's _too_ huge to take seriously! The Sandrock
>seems to sport a color scheme alot closer to that of the original
>Sandrock, but otherwise isn't that different from the EW SR.
> -Probe

        So, are these modifications some sort of official retro thing or what? I
admit, when I first saw it I thought it was cool, but the huge head thing
on the shen-Long's arm is simply too weird and bulky, while the shield of
the Sand Rock doesn't look right for it...

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