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> Subject: Re: [gundam] Zaku Variants
> I've got a question for you guys. If you had never seen the Zaku before,
> nor any
> of the various retrocons or MSVs or upgrades, would you have seriously
> liked
> the design based solely on its original MSG look? I am wondering because

My first exposure to Gundam designs was seeing the original series models
in hobby stores. Based on only that I would never have gone near that
show. Those were the worst, most primitive renderings of those designs
I have ever seen. All the suits looked like they were made out of plywood
for some cheap "Robot Jox" style movie or something. No detail, no scale.
What got me hooked was seeing the Hobby Japan books for the newer models
and also seeing a bootleg of 0080 at a comic book con. I like the Zaku,
though. Maybe not the original one so much, but I like it.


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