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On Apr 19, 12:35pm, Stuart Ng wasted bandwidth discussing:

> Ok this is where it gets philosophical...trying things that are "new" and
> attempting to bring a new mold? Well, ok think in terms of the Feds
> now...TA Gundam has no base doesn't even have the standard
> vulcan cannon which practically every Fed MS has; the Vulcan is made for
> close combat and for intricate situations. That's why there are also
> "sling" rifles and other weapons to use.

The F-4 Phantom went through about 6 versions in 'Nam before it became
apparent that a gun was still as necessary as the missles that were there
supposedly to replace that weapon. It can happen. It was still a fleet
defense bird and a fighter even without the gun. And this is all pointless
if, in Tomino's mind and the universe he created, TA Gundam is the actual
continuation of the history of the humans living on and around Earth.

> Turn A is buried...who would want
> to bury a 15 to 18 m tall military piece of mecha and practically leave it
> to the enemy to find? Even if it was a downed mecha, I'm pretty sure the
> owners or manufacturers tagged the unit keeping a detailed record of their
> weapons. They would go find it if it could be found. Several logical
> reasons...they don't want the enemy to learn their systems, they want to
> recycle the hardware, or perhaps repair the hardware to use another day.
> Breaking a mold yes...but then again, they couldv' made Gundam like a
> Sailor Moon MS like Fei Yen from Virtual On...and that would be every bit

Who would want to live on the Moon? Who would want to forsake technology?
Unless you're Tomino's neighbor and he can tell you all this or you are part
of the design team for the story I don't think you're any closer to the
answers than I am or anyone else. Your "logic" must be based more on your
opinions of what Gundam "should" be.

> PS. Playboy is sexy, but I don't think they are THAT sexy. Sexy is not
> just physical's face, mind, personality, and body. Not just
> body...They can call it Playboy all they want, but it doesn't mean we have
> to like it.

Really. How many of them have you met? I've met over a hundred, from all
the decades, and almost all of them have the face, mind, personality and
body to be called sexy or desireable. Why don't you *talk* to a few of them,
first? They're just like any girls you'd meet. Only they've also posed
nude for a magazine. And they are drop dead gorgeous. Hef's a pretty cool
guy, too. Next time you get a chance, spend a little time with Victoria
Silvstedt or Luann Lee or Brandi Brandt or Lisa Marie Scott and tell me that
they aren't "sexy". "Opinions" ain't worth shit next to actual information.


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