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>> If Tomino says it's Gundam, it's Gundam. If Playboy says she's a Playmate,
>> she's a Playmate. Done.
>> Alfred.
>Damn straight! If my fighter can have a mustache, then my Gundam can damn
>well have one, too. And the Agies is a butt ugly ship, just like the Flat
>Waldom. Why stick to same old mold, when something new can do tried. Without
>trying something new, from time to time, there is no reason to advance, or

Ok this is where it gets philosophical...trying things that are "new" and
attempting to bring a new mold? Well, ok think in terms of the Feds
now...TA Gundam has no base doesn't even have the standard
vulcan cannon which practically every Fed MS has; the Vulcan is made for
close combat and for intricate situations. That's why there are also
"sling" rifles and other weapons to use. Turn A is buried...who would want
to bury a 15 to 18 m tall military piece of mecha and practically leave it
to the enemy to find? Even if it was a downed mecha, I'm pretty sure the
owners or manufacturers tagged the unit keeping a detailed record of their
weapons. They would go find it if it could be found. Several logical
reasons...they don't want the enemy to learn their systems, they want to
recycle the hardware, or perhaps repair the hardware to use another day.
Breaking a mold yes...but then again, they couldv' made Gundam like a
Sailor Moon MS like Fei Yen from Virtual On...and that would be every bit
the same as "breaking the mold". It's the same moral, if you change
something to that extent, then it's binary...something or nothing, they
changed it fully and there's not a bit of Gundam left in it except for the
name...Even though it technically applies properly to the theory of modern
art; if they call it art, then it's art...I don't like it and I'm pretty
sure a lot of people don't like it either...I learned something as an
artist...even if the artist thinks it's really good art, and thinks it's
something totally new, it's the people around them that really matters and
it has to appeal to them in some way regardless. Art's here to convey a
message, but what Tomino is trying to convey is a very large
question...Does he still want to do Gundam? Not really. Is Gundam going
where he wants it to? Maybe. Is he forced to do it this way? Yes. If
you look at the competition around us in every industry, every social
outing, everywhere...people are subconsciously competing with everybody
else; no matter how humble you may be. Humans thrive on competition; it
drives us to become different or better people; perhaps both. We do this
to stand out, or to fit in. No matter what the reason may be we enjoy
conflict; one of the reasons why I'm debating this subject. A lot of
people don't enjoy debate when they know they are debating...but they do it
anyway...even when they stop debating with a person who insists feverishly
to debate...the person who doesn't want to debate or stops verbally
debating is still debating...but only through body language. The actual
fact of NOT debating is an actual attack or statement implicating "I am
more mature, superior and mentally powerful than you are, therefore I do
not with to grovel or speak to such filth." No matter how many people
disagree with this theory...I'm pretty sure it's the thing that goes
through their sub conscious mind in a conflicting incident. Gundam right
now is struggling to show that it still exists. But as I said before, they
haven't show many things of the Gundam universe which I want to see or
enjoy so much. Like more MS development...I haven't seen one series which
discusses in detail MS and weapon development...sure there have been times
where they have ambigiously went about the subject like in Char's
Counterattack where Amuro and Four discuss with one of the Gundam directors
about the mind control matrix that's in the Nu Gundam. These types of
things are very small and rare in Gundam...and I wouldn't mind if they had
huge OAV's without huge wars and only personal encounters and conflicts
with MS what type of contraversy did GP02 go through to
get approved??? It's nuclear weaponary which contradicts the Antarctic
Treaty...what happened then?? So many questions skipped...makes me feel
sad. There's my 2 cents again.

PS. Playboy is sexy, but I don't think they are THAT sexy. Sexy is not
just physical's face, mind, personality, and body. Not just
body...They can call it Playboy all they want, but it doesn't mean we have
to like it.
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