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>First off, let me announce my return to this mailing list after one and a
>half years of absence! You don't remember me? ...Hmm, I guess I was mostly
>a lurker back then. But things will be different this time! Okay, onto the
>topic at hand.

I'm new here so I wouldn't remember. :)

>Turn-A Gundam.
>Sometimes I think I can live with the turnA design- then I look at it
>Actually, I try to reserve judgement until I see it animated. I remember
>hating the Escaflowne designs, but once I saw the animation, I completely
>changed my mind. Animation gives the designs a reality and a life. The
>TurnA gundam I see in the few drawings is completely lifeless, static.
>Maybe, when I see it animated, I'll be able to see something in the turnA
>designs that I don't see now. So, I'll wait.

Still just because something looks better when it's animated...sure it'll
look good...but then you have to think is it really Gundam?? I mean, if TA
Gundam starts to do pardodical moves like Gunbuster, or...calling forth his
five friends to form a larger robot...then I don't think so. ^^;;

>As to the story, from what I've read, It doesn't seem that great. It
>reminded me somewhat of the Orguss 2 OVA. Low tech society, with buried
>mecha. Anyway, I'll wait and see.

IMHO, I think that the story's whacked from what I've heard so far...Gundam
isn't popular because of buried robots...even Wing Zero is pushing
it...Buried mecha...that's a great idea if introduced in the "right" way,
but can be devestating if it isn't. But I think the true nature of
Gundam's popularity was that everything was politics, military and mecha.
Gundam was really down to earth a prototype GM unit. Anymore than that it
wasn't...there were two reasons why it was more powerful than other MS';
the pilot and the superior traits of the MS...however, it runs along the
lines of the quote; "how powerful a sword is, isn't dependant on the sword
itself, but rather the holder" I remember two occurances where Gundam
seemed little more than a GM; the battle between the Zaku and Alex in 0080,
and the refined Zeta MS in Char's counterattack. I forget who the Zeta MS
was fighting, but I remember who was piloting it; although I don't know her
name... :) But that's not the point...the point is that no matter what MS
it really depends who's the pilot. I think the creators started to
pull away from the notion of everything else being important, and only the
Gundam is important back somewhere in V Gundam. Gundam was meant to be a
powerful MS; a symbol of the Federation fleets, but it's taken to a level
where Jion's can say... "Oh no, Gundam! Run away!" I don't think so. =P

Anyway, the story was about Gundam's adventures, evolving throughout the
timeline, becoming more and more powerful...well not really since everytime
the generation of Gundam would step up, so would every other GM and MS
unit. Gundam is traditionally more "techinical" I guess, and the creators
are pulling away from it.

>About the Matrix- the fight scenes are great, but the story was done much
>better in Dark City. Now that's a great movie!

Why do you say that? I haven't seen Dark City, but then again I haven't
heard much about it. I liked Matrix because it was unique. It was a
unique blend of all the stereotypical sci fi stories out there. It has the
Terminator aspect; computers rule the world, humanity is it's slave. It
has the Anime-esque scenario; a hero with lotsa weapons and blowing away
tons of baddies. It has the GITS cyberpunk society; "jacking-in", and the
world is but a village. Oh yeah, there was even a part in the movie where
it was a "tribute" to GITS the's where the part Neo is running
away from the agents in a marketplace nearing the end of the movie, and one
of the agents pushes away some crowd and pulls his gun hitting several
watermelon that's clearly defined in scene. The cameras cut from the agent
to the watermelons which dominated the entire frame... :) I'm pretty sure
the creators of Matrix are GITS fans... ^_^ or Anime fans basically. It
takes many of these good factors and places it into a big fat blender. I
won't say anymore or I'll spoil it. Hehe. What was Dark city about?


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