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Alfred Urrutia (
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 11:02:18 -0700 (PDT)

You guys aren't serious, are you? A series of weapons that spans decades
and decades and you want them all to look similar, to all "be" Gundam?
Ya, what a shock when prop planes made way for jet fighters. Where were
the classic lines of the P-40, the Mustang, the Me-109? Ok, stay calm.
The jet fighter is accepted. Everything is fine, no m... hey, what
happened to the single air intake in the nose? Where are the swept
wings? Goddammit, they don't know what a "jet" fighter is!! How could
they butcher the new ones, they don't look like Saberjets at all!! Augh!
Alright, alright, delta wings are cool, I guess. Yes, that is the new
jet, mmm mmm. How I love the... what the hell? Twin tails? What were
the designers thinking!!! Canards? Are they mad? No mustaches on my
beloved jets!

Fuck this, I'm into ships now. Yes, spectacular vessels, their wood
shaped into... ironsides? They'll sink! How ugly are *those* things? No
sails, a turret? Ok ok, steel ships are cool. Yes, the dreadnaught is
the queen of the sea. Wait a minute. Those Americans are insane! Only
3 turrets on their capital ships! Ha ha, that'll never work. They have
no idea how important the "look" is to a battleship. Mothballed? Damn
them!! What are these cruisers doing on the sea without rifles? Who
would be intimidated by a ship with on 5inch cannon and a bunch of missles?
And look at that ugly main structure. Looks like a goddamn apartment
complex. It'll never work. Navy, ya right.

If Tomino says it's Gundam, it's Gundam. If Playboy says she's a Playmate,
she's a Playmate. Done.


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